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User Comments

Here is an assortment of comments on the Zentangle Method and artform. Please send us yours.

Zentangle Art for Peace

"George and I had our first Zentangle experience at the Masscribes Holiday party. George, (who is not a calligrapher) and I went home and we both made more Zentangle art. Instead of surfing the net to relax, I began "doodling" in a Zentangle manner. On Christmas Day, I introduced the Zentangle Method to my nieces and nephew, my sister and her boyfriend. Dinner was on the table and my nephew Richard was exclaiming, "I can't stop!" Recently, I met a friend for coffee and we ended up making Zentangle art in Barnes and Noble. When we visit my brother and his family this weekend, I plan to teach them the Zentangle Method.

"It's a movement, I tell you. I envision a world filled with people connecting to their creative spirits, some for the first time since childhood, moving away from fear and anger towards the higher levels of consciousness of Joy and peace. By making Zentangle art, they will be transformed, experiencing that life is meant to be filled with the joy of being alive. I envision a world of beings too busy creating Zentangle art and sharing their enthusiasm for Life to be doing anything but moving towards Peace with each other."
- Lucille G., a Zentangle workshop participant

Women's Caucus for the Arts (New Hampshire chapter)

". . . I want to thank you for your wonderful presentation at our Spring Meeting at NHAA in Boscawen. Your workshop inspired us as artists and brought us together with a renewed energy that the chapter has needed. The process was relaxing and fun and brought focus into our group as we discovered a way to give back to our community through using Zentangle art in the future on the Gnu New London project."

Why I like Zentangle art

"They're fun to do. The designs are cool. I put different designs all over the paper. It's easy, but you have to think about it to make your own designs. You can collect them. It's art and I love art."
- Luke B., 7 year old

Zentangle art (in prison)

You asked me to get back to you with how my group went. I work with men that are incarcerated and I have to be honest I was not sure how creating Zentangle art would go over with this population. They enjoyed creating them and the quietness that fell over the room was welcoming in such an environment. They felt proud and were sharing their creations with each other. We will be creating a poster board with the theme of recovery from addictions and Zentangle tiles will be displayed as a tool for the recovering addict/alcoholic to use to remain focused and serene. I will keep you posted.

Dear Maria and Rick,

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you both for the amazing work you did with the staff and students in our school last year, and how excited we are to be able to continue to work with you. Not only was the artwork gorgeous and an aesthetic asset to the school, but we observed profound changes in students' ability to focus and concentrate while engaged with creating Zentangle art. I firmly believe that your activity deepens students' ability to work in a focused way, releases creative energy, and builds confidence and self-esteem. And most important, we all had a great time together doing it."

Charles Plant, Principal
Peace Street Campus of The Met School
Providence, RI

From a letter

. . . until last month I hadn't picked up a pencil in a year and have been struggling with my creativity. I have insomnia but the worst part was loosing my creativity. I tried joining some online groups to get it going again without much results. Then last month someone in one of the groups mentioned Zentangle, so I did a web search and found your website. I went to the website and the first thing I thought was, hey, I used to do this, and I remembered how much a part of my life it had been. But when I tried to just do it on my own I just pulled a blank and after several crumpled up attempts I went back to the website . . . 

It has been wonderful, I've been doing at least one a day, I do it sometimes in the evening for hours and have had the best nights sleep that I've had in years, I grind my teeth and I've noticed when I start doing Zentangle I actual stop grinding and clenching. I feel like I've come out of a very long fog, or sleep. Interesting enough, I have high blood pressure, and anxiety, and last week at the dentist, at which I usually have at least one anxiety attack when I go, I did this in the waiting room and not only did I not have an anxiety attack, my blood pressure was a low 102.

And so I had to thank you, I hear lots of people online and in person say its nothing new, that they have done this all their lives, but they didn't share it with others, and they don't know what its like to forget it. So thank you, thank you for sharing and teaching and re-teaching.

So simply, but not so simply, Thank You!

DC writes:

"Thank you so much for the wonderful kit and extras. I have had the best time. I have made many, many. We were with the grandkids this weekend and they, too, now love the ZT.  We even did a round robin. We each drew a string and then we worked on each others. I have been thinking way too much about these and came up with some ideas. If you would be interested, I would be happy to send them. We love your product.

"Thank you, thank you... a million times thank you..."

More Perspectives from Other Users

"Zentangle art is great to teach children with mental illnesses...with whom I helps them to utilize selfcontrol, containment as well as relaxation. Namaste."  --J

"I purchased a Zentangle kit last month and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! :D I'm totally hooked! :D"  --BN

"It has arrived! It is the most beautifully presented kit I think I have seen. I love the way it all fits into the book box. I will be having a play later and am really looking forward to it. -- AC, UK

"A good approach to meditative drawing especially for people not confident with visual expression."

"A process that is fun and relaxing while it's working your creative mind."

"Very relaxing and fun."

"A creative approach to envisioning life. Thank you."

"I like the fact that it brings out creativity and has many powerful aspects of meditation . . . focus, calmness and relaxation . . . in an easy way for any person to enjoy."

"Peaceful, imaginative, soothing."

"Free, enthusiastic, makes you feel more confident because you have accomplished something you didn't think you could."

"Enlightening, entertaining, can't wait to show my children this."

"While I was doing it, I forgot all my problems."

"Brilliant! I want to share this with everyone!"