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November 2-5, 2014 CZT Seminar
11-02-2014 - 11-05-2014

Learn About Zentangle

There are several ways to learn about the Zentangle Method and artform:

Buy a Zentangle Kit

To get the most out of Zentangle we recommend you get a Zentangle kit, read the instructions and watch our DVD. You can learn a lot from our website and newsletters, and many sites blogging Zentangle. However, there are a few key insights that are obvious when beginning with the kit that are easy to miss without it. Zentangle Kits are available here and from Certified Zentangle Teachers.

Attend a Zentangle Workshop with a CZT

The Zentangle Method is now taught around the world by a growing group of Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT). If you are able to attend a Zentangle workshop taught by a CZT, please do. Attending a Zentangle workshop can be a powerful and uplifting experience, even if you already have a Zentangle Kit. Contact one of our Certified Zentangle Teachers listed here.

Read our Website

There's a lot of great information on this site and specific instruction in our newsletters. You can read previous newsletter issues here. To subscribe, click the box just below. It's free and we keep your email addresses private.

Follow our Blog

We post interesting information several times a week in Blog Zentangle. We invite you to come by and join our conversation.

Watch our Videos

Check out our YouTube Channel to appreciate our approach and style.

Zentangle Method as a Practice

We view the Zentangle Method and artform as a lifeskill practice. That is why we recommend attending workshops with a CZT on an ongoing basis.