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Legal Information

Although trademark law is not our favorite topic, we are learning how important it is to maintain the integrity of our Zentangle name and the Zentangle art form and method.

We want people to use the word "Zentangle" when it's appropriate and at the same time, protect our trademarks and legal rights in the context of current legal systems. We maintain an ongoing effort to sustain an appropriate balance between these objectives. We approach this topic as caretakers of what we have created, and as part of our responsibility to the many people who have become Certified Zentangle Teachers. On this page and others linked on our site, we explain our position on these and related matters along with some of the reasons behind our legal and intellectual property (IP) policies.

While we specifiy some of our IP policies below, we provide more background to our (ever-evolving) intellectual property in A Zentangle Approach to IP. Also, please note that if you are selling products inspired by our Zentangle Method, we provide more detailed information as to our policies in A Zentangle Approach to Royalties. We update these pages from time to time as circumstances change or as we learn new information. Since circumstances have to change before we need to (or can) update this page, this page may not always be up to date. That's why we always say, "If you have any questions, please ask." We are accessible and welcome queries about these matters.

On this site, consistent with our trademark guidelines and policies, wherever "Zentangle" is used as a noun, it refers to our company, Zentangle, Inc., unless context indicates otherwise.


"Zentangle"®, our logo, "Anything is possible one stroke at a time", "Certified Zentangle Teacher", "CZT"®, "Zentangle Apprentice"®, and "Zentomology" are trademarks, service marks or certification marks of Rick Roberts, Maria Thomas and/or Zentangle, Inc. The marks accompanied bye the ® symbol above are also federally registered trademarks.


Many aspects of the Zentangle® Method, including our materials and teaching tools, as well as the material on this site, are covered by copyright which is owned by Zentangle, Inc. All rights reserved.

Writing about the Zentangle Method, artform or company

If you are writing about the Zentangle Method, artform or company, for instance, in an article or product review, please use our name and:

  1. Place an ® after your first use of the word "Zentangle".
  2. Mention that the Zentangle Method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. (We have a patent pending on our teaching method.)
  3. Remember that our Zentangle teaching materials and tools are covered by copyright.
  4. Refer or link to
  5. Use "Zentangle" as an adjective (the Zentangle Method, Zentangle art, Zentangle artform, a Zentangle approach, etc.). Instead of using Zentangle as a verb, we use "tangle" as an untrademarked term meaning to draw according to the Zentangle Method.
  6. If you have any questions, please ask us.

Here's some suggested copy that you can use:

The Zentangle® Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. "Zentangle" is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at

We have a Glossary Page which may assist you in your writing.

If you have any questions please email us and we will get you an answer. Thank you for your understanding and your help.

Creating Zentangle-Inspired Art or Derivative Items

  1. You are free to use our tangles (patterns) in your creations.
    (Example: You can tangle your T-shirt.)
  2. You can create your own Zentangle-inspired art, whether it's for personal use or for resale.
    (Example: You can make copies of your tangled T-shirt and sell them.)
  3. You may claim copyright protection in your own work that you create using our tangles and our method.
    (Example: You may have a copyright your T-shirt design that employes a tangle the copyright to which is owned by Zentangle.)
  4. If you want to let others know what inspired you, you can use the phrase, "Inspired by the Zentangle® method of pattern drawing."
    (Comment: This an informal "netiquette" courtesy to let others know about the Zentangle Method, artform and company and to give a "hat-tip" to your source. This does not mean that it's OK to create Zentangle branded products as long as you use that phrase; i.e. you may not call it a "Zentangle T-shirt" or put "Zentangle" or our logo on the T-shirt you are selling. More on that below under "Products")
  5. Please use the "®" after "Zentangle" in your first use of the word.
    (Comment: This is a standard "good practice" and is a good habit to use when referring to any registered brand name.)
  6. If possible, please reference and link to our website. While not required, it's a courtesy and one that we always endeavor to follow whenever we write about something that has inspired us.
    (Comment: Again, this is not necessary, but we always appreciate the hat-tip.)
  7. If appropriate, please include the bold paragraph suggested above under "Writing About the Zentangle Method, Artform or company."
    (Comment: Like the website link, it's not necessary, but it is a courtesy.)
  8. Please do not use our name or logo in a manner that is likely to confuse consumers as to the origin of the goods. You should be sure to make it clear that your items are not created or licensed by Zentangle, Inc., but that they are your own designs which were inspired by Zentangle's Method.
    (Comment: The easiest way to accomplish this is to not use our name or logo on what you create or, as part of the name or main description of what you create. In other words, an average person should not have a reason to think your creation is actually a Zentangle branded product (more on that below).)
  9. If you have any questions, please ask. We are happy to consider requests on a case-by-case basis.

Creating Zentangle-Inspired Products
(other than books or articles)

In addition to the items above under "Zentangle-Inspired Art or Derivative Items,"

  1. Please do not use "Zentangle" as part of a product name without our express written permission
  2. Please do not use "Zentangle" in your description or labeling so that an average person would think your product is created or licensed by Zentangle without our express written permission.
  3. Please do not use our logo or our name on your product or, as part of your product, without our express written permission.
  4. We continue to learn and revise these guidelines. So, if you have any questions, please ask. We are really easy to work with.

Sharing and Teaching Zentangle's Method

Zentangle's teaching materials are subject to copyright owned by Zentangle. We have a patent pending on our teaching method.

We train and certify individuals to teach our Zentangle Method. They are called Certified Zentangle Teachers™ (CZT®). They are trained in the background and subtleties of the Zentangle Method which are not obvious or clearly understood from free material on the web. CZTs are provided with ongoing support in furtherance of their abilities to represent and teach the Zentangle Method.

CZTs are authorized resellers of Zentangle products.

"Certified Zentangle Teacher" and "CZT" are our trademarks and may not be used by an individual in the context of purporting to have a specific certification, specialization or as a descriptor of a professional credential, unless that person has successfully completed one of our CZT training seminars and remains in good standing.

However, we understand that people, when they learn about our Zentangle Method, are often eager to share it with others. For instance, after we taught the Zentangle Method to our grandson's second grade class, by the next day children throughout his school in other classes were creating their own Zentangle artwork!

If you want to share the Zentangle Method non-commercially (in other words, for free, in small or one-on-one settings), we ask that you always:

  • Use our name when describing this method of pattern drawing, i.e.,
    "Zentangle Method"
  • Use our vocabulary (string, tile, tangle, etc.)
  • Mention our website (

As long as you do this, and you don't represent yourself as a Certified Zentangle Teacher, we are comfortable with you sharing your understanding of and discussing our Zentangle Method.

As a CZT, there is great value in teaching the Zentangle Method professionally, for you and for your students. If that interests you, please attend a seminar to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher. You will enjoy our full support and join a vibrant and supportive community of CZTs around this world.


We have a patent pending on our Zentangle teaching method.

Limitation of Warranty and Damages

Information on this Web site is provided without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including all warranties on merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement of third-party rights, or regarding the accuracy or completeness or timeline of any information herein. The foregoing applies to any information in any Web sites hyperlinked from this Web site. Such material may contain inaccuracies or be outdated. In no event will Zentangle, Inc. be liable to any person for any damage of any kind for use of or reliance upon these materials, including any omissions in any materials.


By submitting ideas or creations to us, you agree we can share them with others. However, if you do not want us to share what you sent, let us know and we won't. Our policy is to remove names to maintain your privacy unless you are a CZT in which case we include your name and contact info unless you tell us not to. If you're not sending your own material, please include attribution and a link. If your submission has copyright or Creative Commons classifications, please let us know. If we are using or displaying any materials that we are not allowed to, or that you as creator do not want shown, please let us know and we will immediately remove them from our websites. We don’t show pictures of kids unless they are unrecognizable or we have permission.