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Enjoy See our Zentangle Art

We invite you to enjoy our growing collection in our Zentangle Gallery. Please explore and enjoy our many rooms.

Maria's Art


Creating Zentangle art is like painting with patterns instead of colors. As your Zentangle artwork becomes more intricate, it's because you have dipped your "brush" to mix different patterns (such as crescent moon and static) — just as you would mix yellow and red to create a perfect orange. Your results are endlessly unique. Your Zentangle "color" is from your combinations of patterns. You can create your own colors.

All my life I have dreamed of discovering new colors. I was convinced they existed, that no one else could see them but me. Now I have found my palette, not limited by yellows, reds or blues.

Visit Maria's gallery.

Rick's art


I love the Zentangle method and artform because it's a non-verbal language of patterns and proportions which opens doors to insights which seemed locked before. Creating Zentangle art opens those doors, not because they were locked, but because those doors swing on non-verbal hinges.

When I create Zentangle art I enter a meditative state and my intuition flows free. I get inspirations, ideas and answers unhindered by expectations or worries.

Read more and see more at Rick's gallery.



This year, NECO's 2008 Ellis Island Medal of Honor recipients were invited to create Zentangle art in a first-of-its-kind project. "One stroke at a time," everyone's efforts created a memorable and powerful image that lets us honor the beauty of each person's pattern and unique perspective and also appreciate and celebrate how each individual combines and collaborates in a larger American mosaic.

Read more and see more at NECO's gallery.

Molly's Art


Visit Molly's gallery.


Visit Nick's gallery.


Visit Nancy's gallery.


Zentangle creations are abstract drawings, and I consider myself to be an abstract artist and a very weird fellow, so it somehow seems that Zentangle art represents me perfectly. When I do them, I can go to another place, another plane of existence, and my experience spills over onto the paper for the entire world to see. At those times I don't notice how much time I'm spending or hear what's going on around me. There could have been a fight in the room and if no one pushed me I probably wouldn't even notice. (Read more and see more at Tim's gallery.)


Tangling the zen, as I like to say, is an experience that  detoxifies the mind and relieves thoughts of stress and worries.  I like Zentangle art because when I draw one, I am absorbed into the wild lines and patterns and find myself oblivious to noise and commotion around me and only concentrating on the art.  When I am done I enjoy looking at all of the tiles and noticing how every one is different from another and how cool they look.  I think that it is a good way to start or end a day and even refresh a bad one somewhere in the  middle.  But most of all I would have to say that I enjoy drawing Zentangle tiles because they are easy, fun, and very relaxing. Visit Samantha's gallery.


Luke is seven years old. He loves to draw and has been creating Zentangle art since he first learned how. Having learned all the patterns in our instructions, he's discovering and creating new ones all his own.

We asked Luke's mom to ask him what he thought about Zentangle. Luke said, "I like Zentangle art. They're fun to do. The designs are cool. I put different designs all over the paper. It's easy, but you have to think about it to make your own designs. You can collect them. It's art and I love art." Visit Luke's gallery.

More Friends

Here is a small sample of Zentangle tiles which people have sent to us. We still have many more to include.

We'd love to display your Zentangle art work in our online gallery. You can send us a digital photo, mail us a copy or send a scan of your favorite Zentangle tiles. If you scan your Zentangle, scan it at 300 dpi same size and send it to us as a JPEG file. Visit our friend's gallery.


In this gallery you can see some results of our group seminars.

Visit our seminar gallery.