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November 2-5, 2014 CZT Seminar
11-02-2014 - 11-05-2014

Learn Certified Teachers Chari-Lynn Anne Reithmeier

Chari-Lynn Anne Reithmeier

Cosmic Flower

This is a tangle I created while watching a Harry Potter marathon with my daughter.  I was inspired by a floor in one of the scenes... although this tangle looks nothing like the floor.  I have also included some variations.

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Self Portrait with Tangles

The portrait is a hand carved stamp surrounded by many of my favorite tangles.  My students often remark that it is difficult to find a tangle that is not "one of my favorites"!

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Youth Workshop

I delivered a workshop to a youth group, here is the letter I received from the Program Manager.

Chari-Lynn came to Pine River Institute to run a beginner workshop on the Zentangle principles. She was able to captivate an audience of about 20 students for close to 2 hours. Chari-Lynn used techniques that were so basic but yet lead to intricate works of art. Some of our students struggle in a typical classroom setting but we saw no signs of attention difficulties as Chari-Lynn kept the lesson moving. Zentangle  will live on at Pine River Institute as students continue to use the techniques to self sooth and to build confidence in their abilities. We are always looking for ways for our students to engage in healthy coping skills and now have another tool in our tool belt. We look forward to more workshops but in the meantime our students have taken the reigns and are teaching each other the techniques they were taught in Chari-Lynn’s workshop. We are thankful for the opportunity that introduced our campus to these ideas and skills. We highly recommend that you invite Chari-Lynn into your creative space. She will make it a work of art!



Meghan McIntosh

Program Manager, Pine River Institute


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