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November 2-5, 2014 CZT Seminar
11-02-2014 - 11-05-2014

Learn Certified Teachers Ann Marie Coakley

Ann Marie Coakley

Ann M Coakley MSW, LCSW, CZT

My creative passion has long been expressed in artisan baking and playful cooking. Over the last 25 years, working with youth has been central to my work, both in and out of the kitchen. I recently earned a Master's in Social Work and love to provide others with creative paths to empowerment and nurturing their spirits. 

Life is so full of surprises. Who knew that creating beautiful and fascinating drawings could be so easy and fun? If that wasn't enough, it has other wonderful benefits of encouraging, empowering, relaxing and providing a means to a peaceful mind for all kinds of people confronted with pain and difficult times.  Zentangle also primes the well of creativity, problem solving and sharping the mind. Just what social workers love! It is also a whole bunch of fun that is accessible to so many.

I am now teaching classes with Sadelle Wiltshire, CZT based in Southern Vermont.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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