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Learn Certified Teachers Caroline Rose Stanis-Gage

Caroline Rose Stanis-Gage

Zentangle® came into my life in January 2011when I was showing my husband a weaver’s blog on a technique that would use up the piles of leftover yarn I had collected. When I went to the blog I discovered the weaver had made a new blog entry - a picture of a tile done in a Zentangle® class. I immediately became fascinated and began reading everything I could about this art form.

You see I taught art in public schools for many years and patterns was part of the curriculum. It happened to be one of my favorite lessons since my students no matter what their ability, always met with success. My students would become so wrapped up in using patterns to create art that other teachers would pop their heads in to see if there was anyone in the room. They would become so absorbed in creating patterns that it was very hard to get them to stop at the end of class.

As I read I realized what I had been experiencing in my classes matched the philosophy of Zentangle®. I had always approached my classes with the premise that there are no mistakes in my class only new discoveries.

Zentangle believes:

“There is no eraser in life … in creating Zentangle art (and in living life), you will discover that apparent mistakes can be foundations for new patterns and take you in unexpected and exciting new directions.”

The most important word in my class was TRY and work little by little.

Zentangle motto:

"Anything is stoke at a time"

Students in my classes experienced increased focus and creativity, as well as artistic satisfaction all part of Zentangle.

I knew that the Zentangle method worked and I wanted to become part of it so in February 2011 I became a certified Zentangle teacher. I offer beginning and advanced level workshops for all age groups in the Rochester/Buffalo area. If you're interested in classes, please email me.

I have Zentangle® supplies available for sale. Hope to see you in a class!











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