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October 26-29, 2014 CZT Seminar
10-26-2014 - 10-29-2014

November 2-5, 2014 CZT Seminar
11-02-2014 - 11-05-2014

Learn Certified Teachers Diana Hirsch

Diana Hirsch

I am a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) offering classes throughout the Metro Detroit and Toledo, OH areas.  I travel well for personalized home workshops, professional classes and educational seminars. 

Zentangle is a continuous journey for me.  At one time, I thought, I can never create art like that.  Yet here I am, experiencing the beauty and sharing this passion.  I learn new things about myself every time I tangle.  You can, too.  Join this exciting and relaxing adventure.  Still unsure?  Think of this as a full body massage for your brain!

Come visit my blog to explore Zentangle, art and great parking spaces from yours truly.

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