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Learn Certified Teachers Kelley Elizabeth Kelly

Kelley Elizabeth Kelly

I took the one less travelled by (a/k/a about me)

My name is Kelley Kelly (or K2 or Kelleysquared or Moooooommmmmmm!), I’m a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT9), and am beyond delighted to share this method of relaxation, focus, and beautiful creation with the world!

I started the practice of Zentangle at a time in my life when stressors (my mom and my husband both had cancer, while John and I have 3 very young children, and I was suffering extreme professional challenges) seemed to be taking me over.  I swear, I think my stomach acid was trying to eat me from the inside out!  How Zentangle helped.  Oh, how it helped.

You’ll notice that I said I started the “practice” of Zentangle.  Yes, like yoga or meditation (both of which are an apt comparison), Zentangle is a practice.  Being a tremendously Type-A person, very little can calm me as this does.  And it’s less caloric than booze or chocolate!  As each small line smooths onto the paper, a small line smooths out of my face (ok, so that's more metaphorical than actual... sadly).

My main interests as a CZT are sharing this wonderful, beautiful, fulfilling Zentangle practice with other people who are feeling the stress monster under the bed creeping up the bedskirt and building creative confidence in the people I have the good fortune to meet.

You can reach me at or through my website at (where you can also see some of my work)! 

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