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Learn Certified Teachers Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth's Tangles

I began tangleing in 2011 after discovering this website, and was immediately enthralled with it. An excellent "addiction" in opening the door to an artform I never would have expected myself to step into. Most of the art I had made before has been on rock, fiber or canvas, with very little detailing involved. Artists like Georgia O'Keeffe were my great inspiration. 

What I love about Zentangle is its portability - it can be taken anywhere and done anytime; how it quiets me and helps me to focus; how it continuously causes my creativity to stretch. I'm sure there is more to say but for now that pretty much covers the bases.

I am also a certified Life Purpose Hand Analyst, trained at the International Institute of Hand Analysis beginning in 1999, and see tangleing as a wonderful proponent for stepping into right life and livelihood. A very exciting discovery!

I am eager to share this with others, either aware of their creativity, or unaware of the artistry that is within them. I never considered myself to be creative - as a child, I never saw myself as developing as an artist - I drew stick figures and didn't get the attention of my art teachers. Yet, one of my favorite activities was to color in coloring books, staying inside the lines, of course. Now with this artform, I am making the designs and loving the creativity that shows up.

I look forward to meeting and talking with you about what's possible when you start with just one mark.

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