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I am Jane Dickinson, Certified Zentangle Teacher in Providence, RI. You can learn more about my work on my blog.

For over twenty years, I was a textile surface designer and studio artist. This followed from my interest in quilting and my desire for original fabrics to include in my designs. I developed a specialty in the monoprinting process Marbling, and when contacted by a publisher, eagerly agreed to write a book on the subject which was published in 2006. Concurrently, I raised two fabulous kids and owned a landscape design business. Horticulture, botanicals, and all of nature continue to fascinate and inspire me.

After a few relocations during which all my art supplies were packed away, Zentangle® has been my way back. Zentangle® requires only a pen, paper and a bit of focus. It is a mindfulness-based, meditative drawing style and is especially well-suited for those who are convinced they “cannot draw”. *Anyone* can draw the simple, beautiful, repetitive patterns that make up the Zentangle® method; it’s incredibly freeing and satisfying. Instruction by a CZT in your area is most highly recommended. You can search online and see many patterns, but you cannot achieve understanding without a foundation in the meaning and mastery. It is a practice that, once begun, will lead you to unique and insightful places. While individual instruction is available, the group experience is the most rewarding and enriching.

I love to teach. I have many, many stories of wonder and satisfaction for myself and others that I would be honored to share with you.

: My classes focus on advanced practice, including specifics of shading, many additional techniques to enhance familiar patterns, the use of color, and mixed media with Zentangle.
: My corporate workshops focus on enhancement of productivity through mindful techniques including Zentangle and team-building exercises.
: I am a specialist in the mindful aspects of Dialectical Behavior Therapy and how Zentangle fits with the practice of behavior therapies. If you would like to host a therapists' workshop on the subject, contact me below.

I will teach a class for a minimum of 4 students. You can either join a waiting list (see my contact information, below), or form your own group and I will come to you (within a 60-mile radius of Providence, RI).

Experience that *WOW* moment, when you and your fellow practitioners sit back in astonishment and realize “*I* made this!”  It's very cool. Give it a try.

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