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Products Zentangle Tiles - Pre-Strung

Zentangle Tiles - Pre-Strung

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Use these pre-strung tiles as inspiration for additional strings or when you're stumped for what string to draw. This set includes 18 tiles with pre-drawn strings plus eight blank tiles.

When I first suggested the idea for these tiles to Maria, it made no sense to her because she never has been stumped for what to draw, whether  it's a string or anything else. But, paradoxically, this can be one of the most challenging parts of creating a Zentangle tile or other Zentangle inspired artwork. All our lives we are given "pre-defined" strings, whether they are lines in coloring books or lines in social conventions, we are rarely given an option of creating our own string. Most everthing else in Zentangle's method is well-defined except the string. When I found myself staring at my tile andwondering what string to draw, I thought that others might have the same experience as me.

These are a great tool as you begin exploring the magic of Zentangle's process.


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