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The Book of Zentangle

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We are thrilled to share our first Zentangle book with you! It's been a long time coming, and we think it's worth it. This book is a delightful mix of images and words—a well crafted combination of beautiful paintings and tangles, and explanations and reference.

Here's how we describe this book on its back cover:

Zentangle® is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas  describe in words and images how this popular art form began and how it works.

People of many ages, backgrounds, and skill levels are learning, enjoying, and creating beautiful Zentangle art whether or not they think they have artistic abilities.

- How to create Zentangle art
- Inspiration behind the Zentangle Method
- Many Zentangle images
- How to increase your enjoyment and benefit   from the Zentangle Method
- How others are using Zentangle in their lives

This book shows beautiful images to inspire your Zentangle creations. This book describes our thought process and approach so you can understand what informed our choices as we created the Zentangle method. This book has suggestions for many activities and relates other tanglers' stories so you can explore more fun and additional benefits from a Zentangle practice. This book is also a good reference guide to all things Zentangle with its glossary, notes, bibliography and index.

Here's its table of contents:

- Dedication
- Forward
- Introduction
- What is Zentangle?
- Origin
- Method
- Tools
- Zentangle as a Practice
- Exercises and Projects
- Stories and Comments
- A Note From Rick and Maria
- Appendix A - Resources and Information
- Appendix B - Glossary
- Credits
- Notes
- Bibliography
- Index
- Colophon

We designed this to be a high quality hard cover "coffee table" type book. It is approximately 6 x 9.5 inches (150 x 240 mm), 146 pages, full color offset printed.

Here's a description we included on the front inside dust jacket flap that Meredith Yuhas, was kind enough to write:

Rick and Maria are good company as they take you on a creative journey to a place of peace, empowerment, and unlimited potential through this introduction to Zentangle.

Novices and artists alike will be drawn to this easy art form and appreciate the effectiveness of Zentangle’s mindfulness process.

Zentangle nurtures the soul and encourages life enhancing outcomes. It is a pastime, a life skill, and a simple metaphor for life in a complex and busy world.

If you can’t sit on a pillow and meditate but you can hold a pen, Zentangle is the process of relaxation for you. This book is the perfect starting point to learn this relaxing method of creating beautiful artwork or to expand on what you already know.

Whether for fun, focus, meditation, or therapy, this art form has something for everyone. I tangle myself, teach it to my clients, and tangle with my family and friends.

Meredith L. Yuhas, Ph.D., LPC, NCC
Director, Counseling & Wellness Center
University of Saint Joseph
Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Zentangle Teacher

Here's an excerpt from our introduction:

A guidebook to Paris isn’t Paris; but when you visit Paris, you’ll enjoy it more with a good guidebook. This is a guidebook to Zentangle. It can help you awaken your ability, nourish your awareness, and find your way to a joy that has been there with you all along.

We look forward to your comments.You can leave them below or join in a conversation about this book at this blog entry which has additional information and images.



Rating: 5 stars 
Total votes: 2

Customer Reviews:

doccyn  (Sunday, 04 November 2012)
Rating: 5
I have savored every moment I have spent reading this book. I had to stop and create my own on the tile that came with the book. Have you ever wanted
to try something new? This book proves to the reader that you do have a creative side that may have been laying dormant for years. You realze that you
can draw beautiful pieces of art. Zentangling relaxes and centers the soul. This book has become one of my treausures. I feel honored to have had the
chance to review this beautiful book. Thank you!

mystrytune  (Wednesday, 17 October 2012)
Rating: 5
This book is everything that I knew it would be! Beautifully done!

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