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Products Introductory Zentangle Tiles - Ensemble Sets

Zentangle Tiles - Ensemble Sets

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en-sem'-ble, all parts of a whole taken together, such that each part is considered in relation to its whole.

Zentangle Ensembles™ are an inspiring way to enjoy and explore Zentangle creativity, whether alone or with a group. A Zentangle Ensemble is a set of nine "pre-strung" tiles that fit together like a puzzle to create a composite 10.5 inch square Zentangle.

Ensembles inspire individual creativity. Its string's continuity across all nine tiles allows all tiles to fit together as a whole. It's fascinating to see unexpected patterns and relationships revealed as tiles that are done at different times or by different people are assembled.

Here is a Zentangle Ensemble that Maria created.


And here's a Zentangle Ensemble that Rick created.


Zentangle Ensembles are also wonderful for groups. Each person creates a tile and then they're brought together. Even though each one is done individually, every tile fits together with an easy continuity forming a coherent whole. When you do a Zentangle Ensemble yourself, try doing your tile without referring to its neighbors.

This next Ensemble was done by nine different people. We mailed out different parts to seven people and did two ourselves. Notice that one of the tiles is from Maria's ensemble and one is from Rick's.


altYou can see in this smaller overlay image how the group ensemble's underlying string ties its component tiles together.

This is a good example of Ensemble's powerful metaphor. Each indiviudal tile is completely unique and individual. And when they come together, they form a unique and elegantly beautiful composition.

When you order your Zentangle Ensembles, you get two sets of nine tiles, one each predrawn with these two string sets shown below. (Actual tiles are not numbered.)


Zentangle Ensembles (2 sets of 9 tiles)


Rating: 5 stars 
Total votes: 2

Customer Reviews:

LisaHeron  (Wednesday, 02 May 2012)
Rating: 5
I have never taken a course in Zentangle, YET! I have just finished one of the two sets that you receive and it was wonderful.i had a great time
trying out various tangles and getting lost in the processes, what a beautiful way to quiet your mind. Thanks!  (Friday, 18 November 2011)
Rating: 5
Wonderfully stimulating when you need a start